2019 sfBIG Star Awards Nominations

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For over a decade sfBIG has been celebrating Innovation in Marketing and Advertising in the Bay Area. Every year we formally celebrate this great work with an awards party. The BIG Star Awards include recognition for Agency of the Year, David Smith Campaign of the Year, Brand of The Year and more. Please submit your nominations below and be sure to attach any supporting documents to help your nominee.

Nominations are due by October 25th!

Award Categories

David Smith Campaign of the Year – A ‘campaign’ can represent a multi-functional marketing execution spanning different platforms and devices, all while delivering messaging that moves somebody. We’re looking for authentic storytelling- a cohesive message, a campaign that drove buzz, earned media, recognition, personality, and delivered on the objectives.

Best Use of Social/ Influencer – Social conversation shapes the zeitgeist of pop culture, interpersonal relationships, and so much more. Tone, timing, imagery, and the actual message are all open to immediate scrutiny when delivered in a Social environment, this can make or break a brand. Whether a bold statement or subtle suggestion, we are looking for thoughtful innovation in social platforms that moved the brand needle and delivered on the brand goals.

Best Use of Video/Creative Social – We are visual creatures at heart, and powerful video formats have allowed us to take storytelling further than ever. Be it pre-roll, out-stream in-banner, interactive, or any video-based ad, we’re looking for nominations that are able to tell us the brand story within a video platform. We want to be moved, or amused, to be left wanting more, or to feel perfectly satisfied in the message delivered. We want to see your strategic thinking too, tell us where this video ran and why.

Best Use of Branded Content / Brand Integration – Content has become increasingly more popular as a way for brands to shape conversations. Almost any brand can entertain, no matter how well known or established it is. Show us your brand playing in a staring role in a piece of content. Or show us a piece of content that was used to start a conversation that matched your brand values or expressed the ideals of your target. This can be short form or long form video, published article, blog, etc.

Agency of the Year – Our business is constantly shifting, and the agencies that continue to reinvent and drive thought leadership are the ones that are making an impression and winning new business. Which agency is your leader? We want to recognize an agency that has set the bar high by exhibiting excellence in their work, proving themselves as thought leaders, and fierce dedication to keep the Bay Area on the map as the leaders in innovation.

Boutique Agency of the Year (Under 30 employees) – Size doesn’t matter! The boutique agencies of San Francisco are holding their own against the big guys with significant client lists and impressive media/creative/marketing practices. Maybe it is an up-and-comer, or maybe it is an established agency that has no interest in growing over 30 employees. Which boutique agency has turned your head? We’d like to see nominations for agencies that have made their mark in the Bay Area by bringing quality work to their clients and strategic thinking that sets them apart from the rest.

Brand of the Year – The Bay Area continues to house brands that change the world. Who has made their mark locally while thinking globally? Tell us about the Brand that has been in the spotlight for their achievements, or the ones that have flown under the radar but are making an impact on the marketing community. How is this Brand contributing to the Bay Area? How is this Brand making and impact nationally or globally?

Scot McLernon Salesperson Excellence BIG Star of the Year – Being a good salesperson isn’t about selling, it is about partnership and collaboration in order to bring strategic solutions to clients. Who is the first salesperson that comes to mind when thinking about a true partnership? Someone that brings enthusiasm and well thought out solutions to the table? Nominate that person that you feel really shines as a partner in business.

Agency BIG Star of the Year – While the roles within the agencies are continually shifting at a rapid pace, not even the greatest technology can replace impeccable client service and strategic thinking. The Agency BIG Star will be someone that works in any capacity within an agency. This person is more than just smart or strategic, they handle their day to day business with clients, coworkers, and industry colleagues with enthusiasm and respect. They are that agency person that everyone loves to work with because of the way they handle themselves and what they bring to the table

Creative BIG Star of the Year – The creative team is used to submitting their work for various awards, but the people who do the work aren’t recognized within the community often enough. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve by nominating an individual working in the creative department who has displayed outstanding skills and enthusiasm in bringing to life the story of his/her clients’ businesses.

Account BIG Star of the Year – Often operating behind the scenes, holding everything together, managing details meticulously, the Account people are the backbone of our industry. Let’s celebrate them by nominating an individual working within Account Management (Agency, Publisher, Tech, Brand) who has displayed outstanding skills in managing client business while handling their relationships with clients, coworkers, and industry colleagues with the utmost professionalism. This is someone who, not only delivers their own work with thoughtfulness and precision, but manages everyone else with a smile. The person that always seem to have a great solution in their back pocket. You know when you’ve worked with a good Account Person, so nominate them and tell them what a great job they are doing!

Brand Marketer BIG Star of the Year – The Brand Marketer is the person that is responsible for shaping the future of their brand, to differentiate, to innovate, and to show growth. Their calendars are chock full of internal meetings, agency meetings, vendor meetings, and just about every sales person covets a meeting with them. Who is the Brand Marketer who can handle their crazy schedule and still find time to be innovative? Nominate that Brand Manager that somehow finds time for you, gives you clear feedback, works with you as a partner, all while successfully building their Brand and increasing sales. If you’ve ever said “I love my client”, nominate them!

Kelly Burke Award for Marketing Partnerships – This award is for the person that understand the importance of true partnership and collaboration. As the complexity in the way we communicate to consumers grows, building partnerships between brands, agencies, creative, tech, and data becomes increasingly more important. True partnerships and innovation give us the power to work together for the common good of helping achieve brands goals

Next BIG Rising Star – An individual with 3 years of less working in any capacity in the industry displayed outstanding skills and enthusiasm in bringing the benefits of advertising to his/her clients’ businesses.

Lynn Ingham/Community Service Award – An individual or organization that has shown excellence in giving back to SF Bay Area community

2019 sfBIG Star Awards Nominations

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