How Viant is Making Headway in the Prioritization of Sustainability

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Yes, sustainability can be quite the buzzword but there are many advertising organizations that have been making huge advances in educating and taking action within our community. Why is sustainability important in the advertising industry?  Why wouldn’t it be? Any chance an organization or an industry as a whole can engage in business practices that preserves or improves our resources, they should be! Let’s recognize and gain a better understanding of the organizations that are being created to lead these initiatives and the companies that are supporting them. 
Viant joined Ad Net Zero as a founding member and launched Adtricity®.

Viant Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: DSP), a leading people-based advertising software company, today announced that as a part of its corporate sustainability efforts, it has partnered with Ad Net Zero, the cross-industry coalition driving change and action around sustainability in the advertising industry, as a founding member.

“Viant’s shared sustainability vision and history in creating innovative solutions, makes them an ideal partner in our journey toward sustainability in advertising,” said John Osborn, USA Director, Ad Net Zero.

Additionally, Viant launched Adtricity®, a carbon impact reduction program aimed to assist clients in meeting their sustainability goals. Adtricity is an incentive program for Viant’s eligible customers, which delivers Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for media investment. These credits can then be used to achieve corporate carbon reduction goals.

“The new climate reality requires a new mandate for change — where ideas are turned into real action. We understand that climate change cannot be addressed by one of us alone. It requires participation and action from us all,” said Tim Vanderhook, Co-Founder & CEO, Viant. “At Viant, we believe that the digital advertising industry drives change, and makes economies and communities thrive. This is why we are so thrilled to introduce Adtricity and our new partnership with Ad Net Zero. As we continue to advance our own sustainability journey and explore additional ways to make an impact, we will continue to seek out opportunities where we can support our customers in taking action.”

Viant is dedicated and focused on improving sustainability for both the company and its customers. In an effort to curb the carbon impact of running digital advertising campaigns, Viant’s excited to commit to being carbon neutral in energy usage by the end of 2023. In order to execute on this strategy Viant will purchase qualified renewable energy to offset emissions generated by its ad tech infrastructure while working to improve its overall supply chain efficiency.

This sustainable mindset is built into the framework of the business and builds on pre-existing investments Viant co-founders have made towards sustainability, when they launched a 35,000 solar panel operation in North Carolina in 2020 to aid in producing clean energy.

For more information please email your Bay Area Viant Representative, Skyler Beresini, at [email protected].