Lunch & Learn Series

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March 19th

Speaker: Brian Morrissey – President and Editorial Director of Digiday

Moderator: John Durham – CEO of Catalyst s+f, President of sfBIG

 They discussed how people are coping, what people are doing across the country, and everything going on during these days of working remotely!


April 2nd

Speaker: Heidi Browning Pearson – EVP, CMO of the NHL

Moderator: Sara Gotfredson – VP, Sales Tech & Telecomm Category for Disney Ad Sales

They discussed advertising in the sports industry, how the current world health situation is affecting the industry, and how the industry meta is adapting/coping!

April 16th: In Times of Crisis: Best Practices for Marketing in a World With COVID-19

Speaker: Jim Gardner – Senior Director of Intelligence at The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group

Moderator: Greg Pomaro – EVP, Media at Mediasmith

While the instinct for some during a downturn is to cut marketing investments, in fact, marketing is an investment in growth, both to maintain for now but most importantly positioning the brand for growth when the economy stabilizes.

The lunch & learn will shared learning from past recessions, case studies in communications, consumer sentiment and shifts in media consumption in a COVID-19 landscape.


April 23rd: Now What? Navigating Job Loss & Career Changes

The rich discussion was lead by a diverse panel of personnel with experience in strategy, talent acquisition, and professional resume writing. This will be a great time to evaluate your career and properly strategize how to move forward with assurance that you are doing what you would like to do in the workforce!


April 30th: Podcasts: Cracking the Code

They spoke about how some brands have deployed podcast advertising for user acquisition for years, yet it is still a channel that files under the radar…or does it in 2020?  Podcasts reach 51% of US audiences aged 12+ on a monthly basis and Ad dollar spend on the channel is growing. Join sfBIG on Thursday, April 30th to learn more about the power of the podcast, getting started, and cultivating the appropriate audience! Uncover who listens, who advertises, and why bother?


May 21st: Helping Brands Understand Gaming Entertainment and Esports

This discussion centered around the Esports business and community featured an amazing panel which resulted in an over-flow of rich insights on the young sub-sector of the entertainment industry. Watch the recording below and have a look at how one can get involved in this field!


July 8th: Best of the West!

Digital marketing organizations of the West Coast including sfBIG, LVIMA, ThinkLA, AZIMA, and SIMM came together to host the largest (virtual) gathering of its kind!

Host: Doug ZangerSenior Editor, AdWeek

AZIMA (Arizona)
Jena Coolidge McGovern – AZIMA President, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Arizona Commerce Authority 
Stephen Heitz – AZIMA Treasurer, Chief Innovation Officer at LAVIDGE 

sfBIG (San Francisco)
Mike ParkerGlobal CEO at iCrossing
Ben StuartCMO at Bank of the West

LVIMA (Las Vegas)
Arlene Wszalek – LVIMA Advisory Board, Vice President, Client Solutions at Allied Global Marketing 
Jeff De Korte – VP, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Caesars Entertainment

ThinkLA (Los Angeles)

David AngeloChairman, Founder at David & Goliath

SIMM (Seattle)

Kathy DillonPresident, West Region at Spark Factory

The discussion was on top brands and agencies from Entertainment, Gaming, Finance, Tech, and more as they share how they’re working with their partners to create smart, sensitive marketing in extraordinary times. Each organization has two remarkable representatives with marketing expertise that will help lead the charge and deliver sensational insights!