Tuesday Talk with Francesca Muccio

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Hello SFBig! By ways of introduction, I’m Francesca, a newer member of the board, brought on by the amazing Durham last year. I recently came back from my first fully unplugged, do-not-disturb, 2-week vacation since the start of Covid and have been reflecting on the importance of work/life balance. After 12+ years in this industry, I’d like to share what I have learned.

Take the vacation. Take the day off. No questions asked. That’s it.

Prioritize yourself and find a company and more importantly, a manager and team, that supports that. Just because a company offers “unlimited PTO” does not mean the culture encourages time off. Find a place where you can be comfortable in whatever capacity you need for balance.

In this age of WFH and the melding of home & work life, it’s more important than ever to create daily boundaries and stick to them. Walk away from your computer at your decided time and turn off your phone push notifications. Give yourself the freedom to fully close your work and come back refreshed the next day! Trust me, it’ll still be there at 9a the next day.

If you need any advice on balance or if you want to discuss your next trip, my inbox is open.

Francesca’s Favorite Durhamism

2610 – A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen. There are memories I choose not to live with, but we occasionally meet for a drink. There are memories that will always make me lonesome but will never make me sad.