Tuesday Talk with Kelly Burke

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Remembering John Durham

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the passing of our dear friend and mentor, John Durham. It has been a challenging year as we put our best efforts into rebuilding and reviving sfBIG in a way that would make John proud as we serve our members, sponsors and the community in general. In honor of John, please share with us your favorite memory, or quote, or words that remind you of John.  Please submit your thoughts here and we will be posting them on the website all week.

Last week I started writing down all of the words that reminded me of John and everything I learned from him. I’m honored to kick off our little John Durham week with my own dedication and thoughts. Here it goes….

Donate your time by mentoring, volunteering, teaching, or just listening to others

Utilize your network and never stop building it. John was a master networker and connector and I have him to thank for so many friends and colleagues that he connected with me.

Respect and be respectful, whether other’s time, opinions or your own wellness

Hospitality goes a long way. John always led with his southern hospitality, making everyone feel welcomed, special and important.

Ask without fear, it’s the only way we learn and advance ourselves

Make the most of your life – travel, taste, explore, take chances, meet new people, mentor, make time for people, listen, love, and laugh

I think of John every day and am thankful for all he taught me.