Meet the Members of sfBIG – Debbie Sorich

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Meet Debbie Sorich

What human quality do you most admire and also most deplore?

Most admired: Compassion. This human quality has the ability to change the world to be a better place for everyone. Most deplored: Selfishness is the character I deplore the most in people. IE: Why do people have to hoard all the TP?

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates from Costco. Must have one a day if not two even if my Dentist told me no more sweets! 

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

Experiences with family. IE: Last night, I made a fun cheese fondue for dinner, and my family took turns around the dinner table answering each of these questions. I love my son’s answer to this question, “Finding purpose within this world, and who I am truly supposed to be. I don’t need material stuff.” …From the mouth of a Gen-Z. 🙂

What is the app you wish someone would invent? 

A way to quickly find what streaming platform movies/shows are on, vs. having to go through each one, or to google.

In this short time, any tips from working from home

Separate your work-space from your personal space, and try not to blur the lines. IE: Don’t work from your bedroom if you can help it. 

What is the most fun in your job? 

Making people happy by teaching them something new; providing value and solutions. And, by far, the social aspect; spending time with people, getting to know them beyond the work stuff.

Any secret places/hang out/food in the Bay Area that you can clue us in on? 

One of my favorite family-run local wineries is Rodrigue Molyneaux in Livermore, They specialize in French bordeaux and Italian varietals, and have the most beautiful garden perfect for picnics!