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Meet Tony Gemma

What human quality do you most admire and also most deplore?

I most admire Compassion – No time like the present to step out of our cocoons and not only recognize that opportunities are not afforded to everyone equally, but to have the compassion to do something about it.  This is NOT my best trait, but it is something that I truly appreciate in others and work on everyday.

I most enjoy Humor – If you can’t have a laugh in between meetings + parenting, trump briefings, or the twenty articles telling you which masks you can… then can’t… then can again… but probably shouldn’t… wear.  Then what is it all for!?

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

I’m both ashamed & slightly proud to say that we had Salt n Straw’s limited St. Patty’s day ice cream release of “Pots of Gold and Rainbows” shipped across state borders during Shelter-In-Place.  It’s incredible and a scoop or two has always been a guilty pleasure. 

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

I think happiness is really about little moments of clarity.  It’s easy to get distracted in life by what’s next or what could be more (I know I have), but finding yourself in those little moments where it’s clear that nothing else matters, that’s where I find true happiness. My family is everything to me & I love any opportunity to be active outside.  Right now, I am finding my best moments of happiness during daily hikes in Golden Gate Park or Sutro with my amazing wife & my spirited little 8 month old daughter.  Pandemic, what?  Oh yeah…

What is the app you wish someone would invent? 

Teleportation App.  There are some amazing things about “the journey” but being crammed on a crowded plane or living far away from people I love are not those things.  Zap me there in an instant and I am on board.

In this short time, any tips from working from home

Hot Tip #1: Four Star Seafood has been my lifeline.  Fresh, restaurant-grade seafood shipped right to your door in 24 hours.

Hot Tip #2: Kristin Scheve is a Sourdough Sensei.  Seriously, if you need baking advice or inspiration, she’s your guru.

Hot Tip #3: Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard.  You have em in the office for a reason.  Don’t slouch over your laptop all day.

What is the most fun in your job? 

I’m fortunate in my latest endeavor to run a global cross-functional team of talented designers, engineers, sales specialist, and strategists.  Not only is there an incredible swath of experience and diversity of talent, but the ingenuity to imagine, then execute quickly all within one team is a phenomenon I’ve rarely had the chance to experience in my career.  It also has me longing to be a creator (code or design) myself, but for now I’ll settle to be able to work with these amazing people.

Any secret places/hang out/food in the Bay Area that you can clue us in on? 

We live in the inner sunset and there are a few amazing local spots that you should check out when you roll through – Kezar Pizetta for a beer and a flatbread pie, Lavash for amazing Persian food, Ebisu for Sushi & Japanese, and if you are feeling like a nightcap… don’t miss the Mucky Duck to blow the top off a frothy and have a game of darts!