Tuesday Talk – David Shimada

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David Shimada

sfBIG Partnerships Committee Chair

As most of you who have known or been a sfBIG member in the past, sfBIG has been around since the dot com days, think 2003/2004, now I’m dating myself. I have always thought of sfBIG as being THE digital ad club to the San Francisco Bay Area. I recall massive get together events and anyone in the digital space probably remembers sfBIG as being the club that brought everyone together.

6 years ago, I joined the sfBIG board, as Partnerships Chair and have always loved being part of and to support sfBIG. A few weeks ago I attended the BAARC’s board meeting and felt the same great comradery that sfBIG brings to the SF community. 

It was fantastic to see and speak to friends and colleagues that I have fostered relationships with for many years on engaging marketing events. As part of partnerships, partnering with sfBIG is integral to the SF Bay Area community as there are so many events taking place. If you are a similar ad club and would like to partner, please contact us. sfBIG has a vast membership list and would be happy to co-promote your events respectively, educational and social to our membership.

As covid looms and has become part of our lives, I feel this time is so crucial to many of us to get back together and support one another. We will be adding social, educational and golf events again to 2022, so please check our calendar for upcoming events. Please JOIN us in June for a social get together with wine and snacks – details to follow. I hope to see and meet you all in person. Please invite and ask your colleagues to support a long-lasting ad club and subscribe to our email list to keep up to date. If you would like to partner, sponsor, join the board, suggestions on event topics, speaker engagements or if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Have a great week and I hope you like the Durhanism I chose, as it reminds me of his love for great wine, friendship and great storytelling.

David’s Favorite Durhamism

1862 – Wine is a magician, for it loosens the tongue and liberates good stories. There are spunky little angels at the top of a bottle of wine and fearless little devils at the bottom.