Tuesday Talk with Kelly Burke

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We’re excited for our next Pop-Up Party on Wednesday Sept. 7. This one is in the North Bay and we are doing Trivia Night! If you are working from home and you live in the North Bay, come on out and do trivia with other sfBIGers in the North Bay. This is a great opportunity to see who else lives near you in our industry and expand yor network. If you’d like to sponsor a Pop-Up Party in your neighborhood, please let us know at [email protected]. READ MORE

The last 2 events were really great opportunities for expanding your network. This is at the heart of what we want for our members of sfBIG. John Durham was the best networker and connector and he taught all of us so much about the importance of getting out there and meeting new people in the industry. In our new world we are navigating so many different challenges and sfBIG is brainstorming different ways to bring the community together. We really encourage everyone to take advantage of the events popping up in your neighborhood or near your office. The upcoming Content After Dark in SF is going to be fantastic. We are bringing together a group of hugely successful women to discuss their successes and how they put themselves in their current roles. Please join us to hear from these inspiring women.