Tuesday Talk with Sara Mascall

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Hi sfBIG community! I’m Sara Mascall, SVP for Tech, Media and Telco at WSJ | Barron’s Group. Although I am now based in Los Angeles I am from the Bay Area originally and started/expanded my career in the San Francisco market prior to moving to Los Angeles. I am on the Brand Committee as a part of the board where we have focused on the sfBIG mission Statement, Analysis of other Advertising Clubs and the membership value proposition. I love being part of this community to learn and connect with others, and find ways we can work together.

You might be interested in some of our recent content, a CXO Tech Agenda Study, which is the 5th in a series from the WSJ Intelligence team. It’s conducted globally with CEOs and CIOs, and examines the type of technologies firms are prioritizing to grow their businesses. Our latest iteration examines changes in budgets, prioritization of emerging technologies (AI, ML, cloud computing) as well as environmental sustainability.

We have also just released a government study uncovering how we should prioritize a variety of policy and regulatory issues according to key influencers in both business and the government. It compares where possible how those priorities have shifted over the last year and evaluates the types of resources these influencers use to inform themselves. Want to receive these studies or connect? Reach me at [email protected]