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Meet Anne Hudson

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

My idea of perfect happiness is finding balance. I really understand and enjoy working hard for my clients and also how important it is to play just as hard. I also love doing everything with a health and fitness-focused mindset and planning international travel around the globe in my ongoing pursuit of new experiences.

What are the qualities you look for in hiring people?

Experience in building 360 client campaigns is essential given the unique and multi-faceted client campaigns I work on, so that’s for me the starting point. I love to ask, “What campaign are you most proud of and why?” This should be an easy choice and answer with a lot of context and excitement and that’s the gateway to next steps. The culture of the office is really important, so I also seek a positive attitude. Next I look for a willingness and desire to identify a client’s true needs and outline goals and of course the ability to offer creative, solutions-oriented ideas.

What living person(s) do you most admire? 

– On the personal side – My Mom, Mable Hudson a retired career teacher of 40 years is the person I admire most.  She has taught me to be patient, lead with kindness and see the positive in everyone. I love the fact that her spirit remains youthful and vibrant. She’s 80 but looks and has the energy of someone 1/2 her age. When I need to find additional strength, patience and grace, I think of her example and always make a better decision.

– On the world stage – Greta Thunberg is the first name that came to my mind. I admire her because, she broke through the barrier of apathy and she’s a reminder that we can learn something from everyone, no matter their age. Her passionate plea made us all take notice and feel accountable for the world we will one day leave behind for the next generations. I strive to have the kind of empathy that informs my choices and to find ways to have a social impact; helping important voices be heard, shared and recognized.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

My Grandfather Ozzie was a proud Jamaican-American who relocated from Jamaica as a teen, navigating alone to find and build the American dream. He met his wife Minnie on the boat headed to Ellis Island. He became a citizen, earned a college degree, and became a successful business entrepreneur and multi-property owner. He raised 10 children (In our family, 6 received Master’s Degrees and 3 became college professors). His wisdom is ingrained in me. He told me, “Work hard, so you can be proud of your achievements, always pay yourself first, be thankful and remember that’s what’s for you will not pass you by! “

What are the times you try and stay off your phone?

I’m really focused on being present, so I stay off the phone, during meals with family, friends and clients. Additionally, I try to immerse myself in experiences and use airplane mode while enjoying concerts, comedy shows and other activities.

What is the app you wish someone would invent?

A choose, fold and pack workout clothes in my trunk weekly app, please?! My trunk is a second activities closet – Yoga, Spin, Barre Method, Dance…Daily I make sure I have the gear I need to accomplish my set activity.

What gets you excited about our business in 2020?

Realizing that Lifecycle Marketing really is where we should live. The more that we can find ways to authentically connect through various media and experiential elements, to integrate into the customer lifecycle, the easier time we’ll have to inspire action or create a brand affinity. There’s a lot of creativity and connectivity between various mediums. I’m excited about finding ways to push the boundaries for integration and experiential opportunities and tie in product integration in a memorable and meaningful way.