Meet the Members of sfBIG – Nick Fuller

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Meet Nick Fuller

  • What is your current job title/company and responsibility
    • I am SVP of Growth for MediaMonks, a digital production company and part of S4 Capital. I lead sales and look after our expanding relationships with key tech giants in Silicon Valley. When I’m not responding to new business pitches, I’m tirelessly expanding my network and finding new in-roads among our key accounts, helping our clients to leverage all capabilities and geographies of our global network.
  • What is your idea of perfect happiness
    • Perfect happiness is achieved when I’ve given the very best of myself to my work, friends, and family. I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment of “perfect” happiness, as we all have our flaws … the trick is having the self-awareness to recognize those areas to improve and to constantly evolve. Perfection is always something that’s escaped me … thankfully. I would be worried if I ever felt totally satisfied. 
  • What are the best thing about your job and the least favorite part of your job?
    • My favorite thing to do is to be an ambassador for our company. I wear our MediaMonks t-shirt (almost) every single day. I consider it an honor to represent our global network of creators, designers, animators, developers … and to stand on the shoulders of this amazing team – while public speaking or walking the halls of our client’s offices. My least favorite thing? Responding to RFPs via online portals. That countdown timer … who hasn’t sweat bullets against the countdown clock?
  • What talent would you most like to have?
    • I’d love to play jazz piano. I’m a huge fan of the arts; I attend SFJazz regularly, love the ballet and opera. I wish I had the time to devote to honing a musical talent and playing the piano would be my preference.
  • What do you most value in your friends?
    • Honesty. It’s a sign that you care when you’re willing to tell me the truth – even when it hurts or is inconvenient.
  • What gets you excited about this industry right now?
    • There are so many ways to innovate. The digital toolbox has never been bigger for marketers and creatives.
  • What are two of your favorite places to go in the Bay Area-your little secrets
    • You will find me in the basement of Black Cat for live jazz, and Al’s Place for the best Cali-cuisine tasting menu in the Mission District.