Meet the Members of sfBIG – William Saw

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Meet William Saw

Company: Mediasmith

Job Title: Director of Search

What human quality do you most admire and also most deplore?  

Kindness and humility

Making the same mistake over and over

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

Reality TV (Undercover Boss, Shark Tank are currently on my watch list).

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

Clear blue skies and water, a warm but cool breeze, a day at the beach with no crowds.

What is the app you wish someone would invent?  

I want an app that streamlines all the apps I’m using!

In this short time, any tips from working from home?  

Be sure to take breaks, hydrate, and block off time away from a screen.

What is the most fun in your job?  

Learning how to give back and mentoring others in their career path.

Any secret places/hang out/food in the Bay Area that you can clue us in on?  

Japantown – Ramen Yamadaya for faster service and wait than Marufuku.

Marlowe – best burger in SF

Mussel Rock Park – great for parasailing and a nice scenic walk to the beach