Weekend Wealth

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With the weekend approaching in our beautiful city, we at sfBIG wanted to invite you to take part in our weekend wealth segment. An opportunity for our members to spotlight the activities they do to get the most out of the weekend, while still following our cities safety protocols. To be a part of our weekend wealth segment send your ideas to [email protected] 

Take a Stroll!

Our first suggestion for the weekend is to go outside! Walk, explore, enjoy, but wear a mask! We recommend visiting the Golden Gate Park. With the conservatorium of flowers and the large open grass area of Hellmans Hollow, Golden Gate Park is a great location to spend an afternoon having a nice picnic with some fine wine.

Be Active!

For our next suggestion, we say be active. Workout! In our current situation we all are stuck at home or unable to be very mobile, so let’s all be active this weekend! The sfBIG sponsored workout of the week is a Tabata style workout. What you do is 3 sets of all the exercises for 30 seconds on and 20 seconds of rest in between each one. We hope you enjoy it.  

Be Creative!

Our final suggestion is to write! Writing is a creative way to improve mental health. It also allows ideas and imagination to flourish. If you can set aside even 20 minutes over this weekend to write and relax.   

In Closing!

We at sfBIG want to wish you a happy and safe weekend. We encourage our members to share what they do to get the most wealth out of their weekends. Send submissions to [email protected] to be featured. For more weekend wealth be sure to check out our educational resources page for more.