Weekend Wealth #2

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With another beautiful weekend coming our way. we at sfBIG wanted to share a few great ways to spend your weekend. Let’s continue the opportunity for our members to spotlight the activities they do to get the most out of the weekend, while still following our cities safety protocols. To be a part of our weekend wealth segment send your ideas to [email protected]

Cycle and Match the Flowers!

Our suggestions for this weekend are brought to us thanks to Catherine McConville. She encourages others to cycle, explore, and ride with the wind. An avid cycler, Catherine plans to ride Coyote Creek Trail this weekend from Morgan Hill to San Jose. Along with that she also recommends riding through 17 Mile Drive. A pleasant 17-mile ride through Pebble Beach is another amazing way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. 

Get out of the City!

With the weather being rather cold in the city recently, we at sfBIG encourage to go out and visit some places outside of our beautiful city. Thanks to Catherine we know that Monterrey and Carmel beaches are open for exercise and walks! Visit the beaches or eat at any of the beach clubs. Catherine recommends the fish tacos. Don’t be afraid to change it up and stroll somewhere new, but don’t forget to wear a mask.

Wine Tasting!

Catherine’s final suggestion is to go wine tasting! Being that we live just by fantastic vineyards. She recommends going wine tasting in Carmel and the Carmel Valley this weekend. Stay in the warm valley area and enjoy some fine wine! 

In Closing!

A big shoutout and thank you to Catherine McConville for this weekend’s wealth. We at sfBIG want to wish you an enjoyable weekend and we hope you spend it well. We encourage our members to keep sharing what they do to get the most wealth out of their weekends. Send submissions to [email protected] to be featured. 

For more weekend wealth be sure to check out our educational resources page for more.