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Here at sfBIG, we  take pride in our effort to educate and enrich the media, technology, and advertising community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Aside from the awesome events and the content we share, we wanted to create a one-stop-shop for members and visitors to sharpen up their skills when the time permits or find their next career opportunity!

The Education Resources page is our extended effort to bringing the perks and opportunities of sfBIG right to your home! We are pleased to be able to offer you well over a hundred unique marketing and business-focused online courses!

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Atheneum Collective is an online learning platform dedicated to the advertising, marketing and media industry. It has been described as the “Master Class” for our industry.  It brings highly reputable thought leaders who are dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to grow by sharing their knowledge and teaching practical skills to enhance your career development.  

Courses are broken down into micro-learning segments that you can watch online when you want, where you want and on any device. Courses are designed to teach you what you need to know, provide context on why you need to know it and give you the tools, templates and resources to apply the learnings.  

We all know the process of setting goals is an opportunity to reflect and get honest with yourself on what you want to accomplish both personally and professionally, and it’s not always easy to start. Atheneum Collective shares their goal-setting process, including a worksheet you can download to help you in your quest for success in 2021. View the blog post and download your Goal Setting Workbook, here.



“It’s up to all of us – Black, White, everyone – no matter how well-meaning we think we might be, to do the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out. It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own. It ends with justice, compassion, and empathy that manifests in our lives and on our streets.”
Michelle Obama

Atheneum Collective is on a mission to learn and educate ourselves about anti-racism. Check out their anti-racism resource guide and encourage others to #PowerUp! 

IG LIVE INTERVIEW SESSIONS: Atheneum has found great success with its weekly Instagram interview sessions. If there is an expert in your community that you’d like to feature, please send that person Atheneum’s way. They are typically on Thursday afternoons (12:30 PST)!

Like what Atheneum has to offer? Go through a few of their featured courses below and find a new facet of business to become an expert on!

Digital Media Buying with Olivia Hawkins & Jeff Nicholson
Cultivating Happiness with Felicia Zigman
Fundamentals of Media Planning with Tanya Zhuk ​

Are you ready to grow your business with paid media? Do you want to maximize the world’s largest platforms to get new customers?

Digital Media Buying will give you an overview of the digital media landscape with a step-by-step tutorial on the exact moves you need to get your advertising campaigns live on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Cultivating Happiness provides a comprehensive understanding of how powerfully our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect our daily happiness levels, as well as practical tips and quick wins to make yourself and those around you happier.

Felicia Zigman, Organizational Development Leader and Coach, shares with you a wealth of knowledge, including: the science behind happiness, emerging research from positive psychology, and the specific physiological and psychological benefits of practicing happiness.

Teaches the entire planning process and how to create the best combination of media to meet business goals and objectives. 

Influencer Marketing Roadmap with Susana Yee
Empathetic Leadership with Tim Spengler
Media Math: Understanding the Changing Landscape of ROI

Atheneum Collective and Susana Yee bring you a comprehensive, step-by-step influencer marketing program fully engineered to uncover YOUR perfectly matched influencer partnership, speed up your execution, and amplify your results. 

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is a skill, and the successful leaders are always working on it. So can YOU.

 New skills are required in today’s rapidly changing world and empathy is one of the most crucial skills needed. This class will give you the tools and strategies to up your game in a time where people need strong, empathetic leaders more than ever. 

 Are you looking to understand the value and transaction of media? Is your head spinning from all the formulas used to evaluate media performance?
In this course, you’ll take a deep dive into media math which is an essential tool to build plans, negotiate media pricing, analyze performance metrics, and maintain billing.

The Trade Desk Edge Academy

The Trade Desk Edge Academy is the premier online education platform in data-driven advertising. Learn actionable insights with their results-driven online curriculum, designed for seasoned pros and beginners alike. Click here to learn more.

Recent global events have only accelerated the shift toward measurable, data-driven marketing. That’s why The Trade Desk is offering FREE access to the Edge Academy throughout 2020.

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