Tips For Working From Home Part 3

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Hello! On this list of tips for working from home we wanted to focus in on food and entertainment to help keep you energized during work and entertained once you pack business up for the day.

See something that we are missing? Let us know and we will be sure to add it on our next list of tips!

Eating From Home

For many of you, this is something that rarely included lunch. Yes, with many of us in the office during the week, making lunch is just one of those skills we may have forgotten! Follow our tips and articles to help make simple improvements to your eating habits while working from home.

The Atlantic published a simple quarantine cooking guide which helps you steer from the challenging stuff and gets you eating healthy with a hand full of tips for shopping and meal prepping. Check it out!

We also enjoyed NPR’s guide lead by Chef Amanda Freitag. Along with tips for combining food and spicing up the flavor, we love her guide of ingredient substitutions and find it should be utilized by all. Make the most of your pantries and substitute goods in that you may not be able to find at the grocery store!

Other tips to share while eating from home.

The World Health Organization’s Regional Office in Europe has a comprehensive guide of food and nutritional tips during self-quarantine. We have listed out a few of our favorite tips to keep in mind from this detailed guide and some ideas to follow.

Limit your sugar intake!

WHO recommends that ideally less than 5% of total energy intake for adults should come from free sugars (about 6 teaspoons). If you crave something sweet, fresh fruit should always be the priority. Frozen fruits, canned fruits in juice rather than syrup, and dried fruits with no added sugar are also good options. When other dessert options are chosen, ensure that they are low in sugar and consume small portions. Watch out for low fat options, as these are often high in added sugars. Limit the amount of sugar or honey added to foods and avoid sweetening your beverages.

Consume enough fiber!

Fiber contributes to a healthy digestive system and offers a prolonged feeling of fullness, which helps prevent overeating. To ensure an adequate fiber intake, aim to include vegetables, fruit, pulses and wholegrain foods in all meals. Wholegrains foods include oats, brown pasta and rice, quinoa and whole-wheat bread and wraps, rather than refined grain foods such as white pasta and rice, and white bread. 

Make a plan – Take Only What You Need!

Multiple cases of over-purchasing have been observed throughout the WHO European Region. Panic buying behavior may have negative consequences, such as an increase in food prices, overconsumption of food and an unequal distribution of products. It is therefore important to consider your own needs, as well as those of others. Assess what you already have at home and plan your intake. You might feel the need to purchase large amounts of foods, but make sure to consider and utilize what is already in your pantry, as well as foods with shorter shelf life. This way you can avoid food waste and allow others to access the food they need.

Enjoy family meals!

The social distancing associated with the COVID-19 outbreak has meant that many families are spending more time at home, which provides new opportunities to share meals together. Family meals are an important opportunity for parents to be role models for healthy eating, and for strengthening family relationships.

Increased time at home during this period may also present new opportunities to involve children in cooking healthy foods, which can help them acquire important life skills that they can carry into adulthood. Letting children choose what vegetables to include in your meal may encourage them to eat them at the table. When involving children in cooking, it is important to keep meals simple and to teach children about proper food safety (including hand washing, cleaning surfaces and avoiding consumption of certain raw ingredients). 

The full list of tips can be found here!

Staying Entertained

Just a couple weeks in to self-quarantining and it seems like we all have seen every movie and television show ever released. We certainly have relied a bit more on the television for entertainment these past few weeks and are going to need to rely more upon it these next few weeks.

Check out these articles and their recommendations to find your next great quaran-stream!

Entertainment Weekly

This guide is decked with options on all major streaming platforms and includes their respective trailer to give you a taste. Check it out!

USA Today

Have you seen USA Today’s list? They put together a list of 100 shows to stream that will keep you entertained for weeks! Give the list a look by clicking the image below and get your streaming marathon started.


The music media brand giant has released and is updating a list of ways to stream their favorite artists. This calendar like list has every commercial recording artist and there respective live set mapped out for the next few weeks. Check out the list and have your own concert from the couches in your home!

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Be safe!